Fyodor Cherniavsky, Conductor & Producer
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In addition to his work as a conductor, Mr. Cherniavsky is a producer for ACA Digital Recording, Albany Records, American Public Media, and Telarc International. He currently serves as Broadcast Recording Producer of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for its local and national concert broadcasts. Since producing his first CD of Atlanta Opera's 
Mozart Requiem, recording projects have encompassed a variety of mediums, including symphony orchestra, piano solo, instrumental chamber music, children's and adult chorus, and vocal solo. He is a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Contemporary Music


Extension of a Dream, Percussion Music of Alvin Singleton
performed by Thamyris
(Albany Records)

"Alvin Singleton's ethereal chamber works hover on the line of imagination and reality. Politically and culturally infused with African American experiences, Singleton's music is able to capture the harshness that has faced minorities in the United States, as well as the resilience and spirit that fuel positive progress. Singleton's music is imbued with stunning contrasts, a poetic sense of reverberant harmonics, and a quiet rhythmic intensity." NewMusicBox


Alvin Singleton's Sing to the Sun
(Albany Records)